Why Choose Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine?

As a leading UK manufacturing magazine, Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine is one of the ideal channels for those operating within, and serving the engineering and manufacturing sectors to promote their business. An incredible dense engineering and manufacturing publication, Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine contains page after page of interesting UK engineering and manufacturing news, interviews with leading engineering and manufacturing industry professionals, and opinion pieces and commentary on the latest manufacturing and engineering news items.

With a combined print and online trade readership in excess of 100,000 individuals, Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine is a highly regarded and reputable UK engineering and manufacturing magazine, as afforded to it by the quantity of manufacturing and engineering news, fresh content and engineering and manufacturing industry insight within the pages of the magazine itself. Able to communicate your message across such a vast national readership, advertising with Manufacturing & Engineering is a clean and efficient way to communicate with the wider engineering and manufacturing industry.

Daryl Crowther, Marketing Manager, Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine

Unlike many publications, Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine maintains a very healthy editorial to advertising ratio, scaling up the quantity of content directly in line with the advertising support generated. This means that, while the magazine is an incredibly popular advertising location for organisations in the engineering and manufacturing sector, no single advert is left lost, misplaced or overlooked as can often be the case within rival manufacturing and engineering publications. Effectively, each advert is uniquely placed and presented to afford it maximum visibility and readability for the reader.

Why Choose Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine?

With a number of print advertising spaces, sizes and placements available, Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine can effectively tailor space in the magazine to your marketing needs. Whether you wish to promote your business in the magazine’s UK manufacturing and engineering news pages, as standalone advertorial, or within existing individual features on leading construction companies, we can provide the space you need to communicate your message. Below you can find an overview of the standard rates offered by Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine for print advertising in our leading manufacturing and engineering magazine. Please note that we do provide a free design service for all print advertisements.

Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine is a highly reputable publisher of UK engineering news, research and development news, and manufacturing news. As such, our website, populated with the latest manufacturing and engineering news, enjoys considerable daily traffic to the benefit of those advertising with us. With a number of advertising and sponsorship opportunities available, we can offer flexibility in the when, where and how of advertising on the Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine website.

In addition to standard advertising opportunities, such as advertising on our engineering and manufacturing news pages and categories, promotion on the Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine website can also take the format of digital magazine sponsorship, sponsored articles and directory listings. Additionally, promotion can also be facilitated through the monthly Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine newsletter, which circulates the latest issue of our manufacturing and engineering magazine to interested parties, with advertising banner slots available, as well as allowing for us to send out pre-planned e-shots to our newsletter subscribers with customised advertising content.

Ciaran Jarosz, Editor, Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine

An overview of the different advertising opportunities available with Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine online, can be seen below, along with standard rates of each form of advertising. Of course, custom packages can also be created to incorporate multiple digital advertising opportunities for planned marketing and media campaigns.

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