6 Reasons Why Setting Up A Business In The UK Is A Good Thing Post-Brexit


6 Reasons Why Setting Up A Business In The UK Is A Good Thing Post-Brexit : The British public has spoken. Democracy has fulfilled its purpose…if that purpose was to increase division, suspicion and fear that is! But as the dust settles, there are plenty of reasons to be positive in a post-Brexit Britain

Get Set…Go: Entrepreneur Grants & Tax Reliefs
There are lots of incentives for entrepreneurs to set up new companies while tax reliefs make investment attractive. The current government could enhance these and rest assured, they’re not EU dependent.

Exports Rise
Ending last year on a high, British manufacturers played their part in the economy’s growth, enjoying rising export sales.

Low Corporation Tax
You can’t grumble with the UK’s corporation tax of 20%, especially when you consider it’s set to fall and should be at 17% by 2020. Compared with other jurisdictions, the UK is a good place to be. The current government has talked about reducing this further, possibly to 15%

Growth Witnessed by Most UK Manufacturers
It might be as small as 1% but British manufacturers are growing. In a survey carried out by the BPMA of manufacturing businesses within the Briman Group membership, every single company said it had experienced growth with some revealing 40% growth. The average was 11%.

Trading Opportunities
Another thing that is not EU-dependent are the trading opportunities in the UK driven by the attractiveness of investment, training and skills development opportunities, and the economic environment to build long-running relationships.

“Made In The UK” is Highly Sought Around the World
That is especially true of the UK’s most productive manufacturing sectors Pharmaceuticals, Food and Drink and Transport.

So dream big! And look positively to a prospering Britain post-Brexit.

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