Bata Appoints New Chief Executive


Renowed management and sales specialist, Alexis Nasard has been named as the new group chief executive for international footwear brand and retailer, Bata.

Headquartered in Switzerland, Bata has accumulated a strong business presence across all four corners of the globe and currently boasts over 5,200 stores in over 70 countries as well as production facilities in 18 countries.

Nasard previously held a position as President of Heineken’s Western European arm and, in fact, has over 24 years of experience in consumer goods having worked for a number of local and global brands. Working across roles of business development, market and senior leadership, Nasard is expected to bring new vigour as well as tried-and-tested methods with which to secure Bata’s future. He also has an extensive academic background to draw upon having received his MBA at the University of California, Berkeley, and since attained a Master’s in Engineering from St. Joseph University, Beirut.

As of 4th April, Alexis Nasard heads up the leading footwear firm, an opportunity at which he said he was excited. During a statement at his appointment he also acknowledged the market as fast-changing and hinted at areas of potential growth for the company.

Son of the original founder and managing director, Thomas Bata, expressed his delight for the new appointment. Confident in the capabilities and experience of Nasard in both consumer and business-to-business sales, Thomas Bata went on to say that Alexis Nasard shares the same philosophy in business and will therefore be able to maintain, as well as enhance, Bata’s leading reputation.

The company currently employs over 30,000 people across the globe, and Nasard will undoubted have his work cut out to get everyone singing the same tune from the very beginning. The group has, however, over 122 success years in business behind it and thus almost certain to endure in a climate of consumer strength.

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