New Director General Aims To Increase Awareness of the UK’s Salt Industry

Salt Association

The Salt Association is announcing the appointment of its new Director General, Philip Burgess as it raises the profile of the UK’s salt producers and actively promotes the need for scientific research to present a more balanced view on salt and its many uses.

Philip Burgess said: The Salt Association is the voice for the UK industry which produces some 2-3 million tonnes of salt each year. There is already much debate in this country about salt – such as its uses for winter de-icing of highways and in the food industry – but still relatively little awareness about its many other industrial applications and how the use of salt touches the lives of everyone positively every day.

Aside from being an essential mineral for sustaining life, salt has many industrial uses and applications from food to pharmaceuticals, from aluminium production to water treatment and softening, and from dyes to drilling fluids to name just a few.

Philip went on to say:

I am delighted to be joining such a fascinating industry at this time. In my role at the Salt Association, I aim to express and address the priority issues the industry faces and to balance the debate about salt in a constructive and informative way. The Salt Association is perfectly placed to deliver confidence to the industry and its markets and to raise awareness of salt as an essential part of everyone’s daily life.

Salt producers employ hundreds of people across the UK, so the Association also plays an important role in supporting the nation’s economy.

Philip brings more than 20 years of experience in association management to the role, having held senior positions in trade associations and professional bodies in the water industry and the inland waterways industry.  He is also a Director and Fellow of the Institute of Association Management.


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