Assystem Purchased Automotive Solutions Germany GmbH

Assystem Purchased Automotive Solutions Germany GmbH

Assystem has purchased Automotive Solutions Germany GmbH. The international engineering services consultancy company, has made the acquisition that will boost their capabilities in the high end lighting system sector of the automotive industry.

Assystem is an international group that is involved in engineering. Assystem has been a part of the automotive industry for 50 years. Assystem focuses on supporting its clients while developing their products. Assystem also manages capital expenditure for its clients through the length of the product life cycle. Assystem employs 12,500 people on a world wide scale and has generated €956 million in revenue through 2016.

The acquisition took place at the end of February and Assystem now has 100% interest in ASG, the German company that has expertise in the design of automotive lighting systems. It is thought that the acquisition will make €5 million in revenue throughout 2017.

The managing Director of ASG, Andreas Spiegelberger will become a part of Assystem as a member of the Assystem Germany executive team. This team will be managed by Alexander Graf.

Assystem have previously purchased Plast Concept. The French company was acquired by Assystem at the end of 2015. Plast Concept was an expert in designing plastic parts in the automotive industry, and the acquisition by Assystem allowed the company access to this new section of the market. It is hoped that the acquisition of ASG will have similar results.

The purchase will expand Assystem so that their capabilities include high end lighting systems. This will further grow the company and give it access to a new market within the automotive industry. The company will have access to new clients and that could lead to further expansion of the company.

This acquisition will allow the engineering service to further grow and be more successful. Although it is unsure how productive for the automotive industry, acquisitions made by larger companies is. It could reduce competition, and lead to an industry dependent of a few large names.

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