Apprentice Recruitment Drive Kicks Off At Bentley Motors

Apprentice Recruitment Drive Kicks Off At Bentley Motors

Working across a range of operations at Bentley Motors, the firm will welcome 42 apprentices in September 2016. Those eager to get involved can apply from March 12 with the online application process lasting six weeks. The day also marks an open day at Bentley Motors headquarters where those considering an apprenticeship with the company can learn more about its work, the sorts of careers available within the business, and why it has become one of the world’s leading luxury can manufacturers. The company’s apprentice scheme has run for over four decades offering an invaluable way of achieving academic recognition and relevant vocational qualifications alongside tailored development within Bentley Motors.

In preparation for the recruitment drive, board member for human resources Marlies Rogait noted how Bentley Motors’ training provided the sorts of foundations people need to let their skills flourish. Across a range of fields, apprentices can learn the knowledge and expertise needed to push their professional careers to the next level. The drive is part of the company’s continued investment in people, recognising that its future relies on the next generation. Bentley Motors is not “afraid to challenge” he said, adding that it will continue to develop and add to its “highly-skilled and passionate” workforce.

Most of the apprentices will begin on the newly developed manufacturing programme run by Bentley Master Trainers. This scheme aims to develop skills in areas such as wood, leather, mechatronics, paint and production maintenance. The other apprentices will have various focuses such as sales and marketing, engineering, purchasing and human resources

Former production apprentice Matthew Farrell said Bentley Motors’ apprenticeship scheme was an ideal way to pursue both academic, technical and personal development goals. One of Bentley Motors’ current production engineers, Farrell said the programme provided an invaluable knowledge base across engineering operations with an important focus on the next generation of motorcar design.

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