Exol Lubricants Awarded Their Exol Distributor Of the Year Award to Clarke Oil

Exol Lubricants Awarded Their Exol Distributor Of the Year Award to Clarke Oil

This week it was revealed that Exol Lubricants awarder their Exol Distributor of the Year Award to Clarke Oil. This prestigious award was given to the Warwickshire based company and has been recognised by the lubricant company after distributing their range for over a decade.

Exol Lubricants is the UK’s largest independent lubricant company and works to manufacture and supply a range of different lubricants that can be used in aa variety of different sectors including the automotive, commercial, agricultural, industrial, rail and off highway sectors.

Clarke Oil is located in Studley, Warwickshire and has been a supplier of Exol Lubricants’ range of products for more than 10 years. The Exol Distributor Award 2016 was given to the Warwickshire company in order to recognise their company commitment to stocking Exol’s products. Clarke Oil started off selling a range of Exol Lubricants products to end users that worked in the industrial, agricultural and commercial markets. After a period of investment, Clarke Oil are now able to distribute a more versatile range of products through 1 litre bulk tank deliveries. The investment period that Clarke Oil underwent was supported by the wide ranging technical support at Exol.

This award was the first of its kind to recognise and celebrate their distributors. Clarke Oil continues to stock Exol Lubricants because of their high standard products. It is important that the products that are sold are reliable and can benefit customers. The Lubricants manufacturer has always backed Clarke Oil and their ambitions to grow and expand.

Hopefully there will be more distributors celebrated in the future as the Distributor Awards. The coverage from the announcement and the award will hopefully boost the custom for both Exol Lubricants and Clarke Oil, and they will both continue to grow while offering their end users a range of high standard products.

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