GAGA Awards Now Open for Entries

GAGA Awards Now Open for Entries

The Galvanizers Association, the advisory body for the hot dip galvanizing industry, has invited entries for its annual zinc fest, also known as the Galvanizers Association Galvanizing Awards (GAGA). The awards are open to all sectors, from construction and transport, through to the oil and gas industry. Winners will be announced at a ceremony to be held next June, 2017 at the Royal Aeronautical Society, Hyde Park Corner, London and will be something not to miss out on.

Over the next six months, judges will be looking for the most creative, effective and technically ambitious use of hot dip galvanizing in a recently completed project, across 5 categories: Galvanizing in Architecture, Galvanizing in Engineering, Galvanizing in Detail, Sustainable Galvanizing and the Duplex Award.

Iqbal Johal, Marketing Manager at Galvanizers Association commented, saying that: The process of dipping steelwork into molten zinc for anti-corrosion purposes has a two hundred year long history and yet remains at the vanguard of contemporary architecture, engineering and product design the world over. We conceived of the GAGAs as a way to acknowledge and support the architects, consultant engineers and constructors behind this continued evolution. We are excited to see what this year’s innovators have achieved.

Aside from being welcoming and celebratory, our event is invaluable for bringing together expert practitioners from multiple sectors. Not only have these awards proven themselves as a successful way for our industry to say thank you, but they remain instrumental in setting the standard for future projects.

Alongside receiving the highly coveted, individually hand dipped galvanized watering can, there are also total prizes of £3000 to be awarded. Entries must be made using the form available from Galvanizers Association and submitted together with photographs and a short description of the project. Any new building or refurbishment project completed after 1st January 2015 is eligible.

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