Lighting Industry Academy Launched new Autumn Schedule

Lighting Industry Academy Launched new Autumn Schedule

Following the launch of the Lighting Industry Academy last year, it has been recorded that more than 600 students have had the opportunity to further their career. The Academy is available for those in the lighting industry to achieve their personal and professional targets. The Lighting Industry Academy, or the LIA, have now announced that their new autumn schedule is available to view.

The academy offers the widest selection of learning that is related to the lighting industry. As part of this, the LIA offers the first ever Higher National Certificate and Higher National Diploma in lighting. These two qualifications are only offered by the LIA in the UK and have been formed as part of a partnership with the University of South Wales.

On top of the Higher Education certification of offer with the LIA, there is also a range of training that covers the full breadth of the industry. The courses available from the academy are beneficial to the whole of the lighting industry. Topics covered in this training is Standards and Legislation which looks at the key topics that impact the lighting community such as the BSEN 60598, and edition 7 being withdrawn in October, and advice on the preparations for the change. The courses also look into Energy Efficient Lighting, and educates about the possibilities opening up with the introduction of efficient lighting and controls technology.

The LIA has become the centre for high quality learning over the year that it has been open, and hopefully it will continue to allow people to develop their knowledge and skills, and drive the lighting industry forward. The opportunity to increase education within the lighting industry is ideal to progress and develop new lighting systems and technologies in the industry. The courses on offer by the LIA are taught by some of the most knowledgeable and well-respected figures in the industry, who have been given recognised teacher status by USW.

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