McAvoy Supplies Offsite Solutions for new Romford Primary School

McAvoy Supplies Offsite Solutions for new Romford Primary School

The McAvoy Group has been awarded an £8.2 million contract for the design and off site construction of a new primary school in Romford. The McAvoy Group is one of the leading off site construction companies in the UK. The company is an independent and family-owned business as well as an established principle contractor and will be creating the new school of Concordia Academy.

The start of work on the site has been marked with a ground breaking ceremony. At this event a number of local children were in attendance to plant a time capsule. The 2,972 square meter building will hold a three-form entry school that will offer an excellent learning environment for local children and reflect the ethos of Concordia Academy. The new primary school will also increase parental choice and deliver a valuable facility to be used by the local community.

The use of McAvoy’s offsite solutions will allow the development to take place on a highly restrictive brownfield site. The new building is set to be built 1.5m away from the site boundary to the front elevation. Through the use of modular construction, it is hoped there will be less disruption caused by the building works as well as ensure that the construction takes less time. It has been expected that the use of modular construction will slash the build time to just 12 months, thus minimising disruption to the surrounding residential area.

The first 67 modules for the new primary school are expected on the site at some point this autumn. McAvoy has also delivered a suite of interim school buildings to the academy until the construction work is complete. It is thought that the new building will be open in September 2018.

McAvoy will be able to make progress with the new school off site while the groundworks are being put into place on the brownfield site. As the demand for school places continues to rise, the speed of construction is vital. It is thought that by 2021 the local population will increase by 11.2%, which will add more pressure to school places, therefore the use of these more efficient building methods ensures the quick creation of more school places.

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