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Helen Duncan, managing director of specialist marketing agency FIG, explores where manufacturers should focus their marketing efforts in 2022.

Make UK – the leading trade body for manufacturers – recently warned of an ‘unprecedented combination of a post-Covid credit, cash and costs crunch’1. It also predicted that rising costs, growing debt and supply issues could prove too much for some manufacturers.

At times like this, spending money on marketing may seem like a luxury, but I believe it’s an investment in your future. So how do manufacturing firms get the most out of marketing and pave the way for long-term, sustainable growth? I’m sharing my knowledge of what’s working for our manufacturing clients.

Define your audience

Knowing exactly who your customer is will save time and money. What products do they want? What problems do they face? Where do they go for information?

Consider investing in a customer insight initiative to establish how your customers see you. This will help you work out how to position your business, if you need to adjust your messaging and where best to target your marketing for maximum return.

Content marketing

Buyers research products and services online before making purchasing decisions, so it’s important to share valuable content to help them make informed choices.

Solid content will immediately put you ahead of your competitors and help to generate high quality leads, because you’re showing that you understand your customer and can meet their needs. You’re likely to rank higher for SEO too, elevating your brand reputation and building greater trust with customers.


The 2021 Industrial Buyers Search Habits Survey2 shows that 40% of B2B buyers rate the quality of a website when deciding to partner with a supplier. Your website should therefore be designed to meet your strategic objectives and it should be intuitive, responsive and quick to navigate. Waste a visitor’s time and you’ve lost them.

Your web content should always focus on why customers should purchase from you, rather than your competitors. Video and animations can be more effective and engaging than written content – although you still need the latter for SEO.

Navigating the tough times

The UK is the ninth largest manufacturing nation in the world3 with a reputation for its agility and resilience. Those with a planned marketing strategy could reap significant rewards and be less vulnerable to the inevitable ups and downs of modern manufacturing.


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