Minister for the Northern Powerhouse Andrew Percy MP Visited Teesside

Minister for the Northern Powerhouse Andrew Percy MP Visited Teesside

The Minister for the Northern Powerhouse Andrew Percy MP visited Teesside this week in order to meet management and employees of British Steel and Caterpillar.

The MP FOR Middleborough South and East Cleveland, Tom Blenkinsop accompanied Mr Percy on his visit to Skinningrove. The visit allowed the companies there to present how their close working relationship has enabled them to help the 400 employees deliver high specification and leading components that fit in to earthmoving equipment.

The site at Skinningrove is growing quickly due to the partnership that has been built with Caterpillar, and allowing British Steel to develop and improve. One of the things made for Caterpillar is the track shoe long bar, which is then sent to Caterpillar’s factory in order to be put into bulldozers and excavators.

The partnership between the two businesses has allowed them to overcome the challenges faced which has led to an improvement in the quality of goods both companies make. There has also been an improvement to production methods and speed, which is beneficial for the future for both companies.

British Steel are a business that has regular contact with the government in an effort to improve their sustainability. Things that the business are focusing on in the long term include reducing their energy costs.

British Steel employs 331 people at the Skinningrove site, whereas Caterpillar have 54 people and 11 agency workers at Skinningrove. The operations of the two businesses are located side by side in order to allow them to collaborate on both their projects and on the product development.  This close proximity has allowed for the quick resolution of problems and has allowed them to improve in key areas of their industry.

The Government are trying to push business across the North of the country with the Northern Powerhouse. There is an investment of more than half a billion pounds in order to boost the economic growth that should create more jobs in the area.

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