New Category of Membership Has Been Announced

New Category of Membership Has Been Announced

A new category of membership has been announced by the United Kingdom Warehousing Association, or UKWA. The trade body has created a new category, welcoming retailers and manufacturers that manage their own logistics operations and supply chains.

The Trade body was originally started in order to represent the warehousing and logistics sector, businesses that offer third party logistics and also the suppliers of products and equipment that is used within the warehousing industry. Until this new announcement these were the only types of company with opportunity to join the UKWA. However there has been an increase in demand for the information and expertise that is offered by the UKWA with the advancements that are taking place in the supply chain.

The best practices that are offered by the UKWA has become more and more in demand by retailers and manufacturers while the logistics sector adapts and develops in response to technological advancements and updates in the industry. With these changes taking place, it is considered as important that the UKWA expand their audience in order to welcome manufacturers and retailers in order to allow the fluid development of the supply chain as well as improving the chances of tackling challenges that could arise because of these developments.

The UKWA is still expected to remain a trading body for third party warehousing and logistics services as a majority. However, it is thought  that the larger membership for the association will allow the UKWA to be more representative of the supply chain as a whole. With this change there will also be more opportunity for retailers, Manufacturers and third party logistics suppliers work together to make the supply chain more efficient for all parties.

Companies that have already made the most of the membership expansion are John Lewis, Claire’s Accessories and Homebase.

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