SAICA Paper Leader in Manufacturing has Extended the Contract With CM Downton

SAICA Paper Leader in Manufacturing has Extended the Contract With CM Downton

SAICA Paper is a leader in the manufacturing of corrugated cardboard. The paper manufacturer has extended the contract it has with the transport and logistics specialist CM Downton. The contract has been extended for another year and develops the relationship that the companies built when SAICA Paper opened its new Paper Mill which is located at Partington, Manchester in 2012.

Being SAICA Paper’s main transport service provider means that CM Downton has to handle deliveries of baled recycled paper from sources across the UK and transport them to Partington as well as delivering finished paper reels to SAICA Paper’s customers in the Packaging industry throughout the UK. As well as managing these in-bound and out-bound transportations, CM Downton provides an onsite shunting service. CM Downton keep an on-site manager in order to liaise with the manufacturer while fulfilling this on-sire role.

There are a number of challenges faced by CM Downton while transporting large amounts of recycled paper. The transport company has to work with SIACA Paper as well as the wider industry in order to make sure they do not exceed any regulations and requirements in the area of load security. These challenges are overcome by using efficient trailer designs and including features such as non-slip floors in their vehicles. Other features of the vehicles used to transport recycled paper to Partington are load bearing curtains and load security systems. There is also extensive driver training carried out by CM Downton to ensure the role is carried out effectively.

CM Downton also provide their transport services to SAICA Paper’s sister businesses SAICA Pack and SAICA Natur. These services are dealt with under separate contracts, although using the same logistics service across all their businesses has allowed an integrated approach to Downton’s services, meaning the transport company can deal with the individual needs of each branch of the SAICA company as well as provide transport synergies, efficiencies and cost savings for each branch.

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