Smith Brothers & Webb Embark on New Market Investment Strategy

Smith Brothers & Webb Embark on New Market Investment Strategy

Warwickshire manufacturing firm, Smith Brothers & Webb, is set to embark on an investment strategy designed to tap into new markets.

The company manufactures commercial vehicle washing machines under the brand Britannia Washing Systems.

These machines are designed to wash buses, trains, trams, coaches, commercial vehicles and municipal vehicles such as refuse trucks and road sweepers.

All of the machines are designed and built at the company’s base in Warwickshire.

Its train washing machines can clean up to 200 carriages per hour in any order of presentation for different gauge rolling stock, and its Britannia Streamline bus washing equipment can clean up to 80 buses per hour. The machines can be fitted with water reclamation systems.

The £250,000 investment will result in better manufacturing processes, new customer relationship management systems and enhanced IT processes.

Already, the company exports to India, Hong Kong and Australia, as well as to many countries in Europe and the new investment, which is one of the biggest ever committed to by the company, is intended to see it established as a world leader in its chosen market.

Director of Britannia Washing Systems, Andy Barracliffe, commented: We are proud of our 70-year history of engineering excellence and want to ensure that Smith Brothers & Webb will remain at the forefront for many years to come.

To succeed in our highly competitive market we have to continue to invest and evolve, and we are committed to doing that.

The expansion has already seen two new service engineers taken on, with a potential third in the pipeline for Scotland.

Last month, Smith Brothers & Webb further expanded its product portfolio with the launch of a new fully MOT compliant chassis washing system, which is believed to be the most advanced available in the UK.

After extensive development and research, the firm has totally re-designed its original Chassis Master machine which is already viewed as the best under chassis wash currently available on the market.

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