SPIE Announced That They Have Appointed a New CEO

SPIE Announced That They Have Appointed a New CEO

SPIE has announced that they have appointed a new CEO. The independent multi-technical services company have announced their new appointment for the companies UK operation. Rob Goodhew has been given the role and he will start in this new position on the 8th May.

SPIE is one of the leading companies in Europe for energy and communications services and they have appointed Rob Goodhew to replace James Thoden van Velzen, who has moved on to other opportunities. SPIE is the leading independent multi-technical services company in Europe and works to support their customers by providing facilities that held to design, build, operate and maintain both energy efficient and environmentally friendly facilities. SPIE has 38,000employees that work from around 600 sites and across 38 different countries. In 2016 it was recorded that the company consolidated their revenues of €5.1 billion. Hopefully this newly appointed CEO will help the company remain as successful going forward. Rob has more than 30 years of experience of working in the engineering industry. Rob has also worked for SPIE in a number of different capacities since 2009.

When first joining the company Rob was the Director of Major Projects as a part of the Building Services division. Before becoming the CEO, Rob held a number of different management positions which include Regional Director and Managing Director of the Building Services division of the UK arm of the company.

When Rob Goodhew starts his new role on the 8th he will be overseeing the entire of the UK business for SPIE. His experience in the industry will help the company succeed and his knowledge of the inner workings of the company from his previous management roles will mean that he can help the company expand as he will have a detailed understanding of how the company works and the best ways to grow.

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