STEM’s New Found Importance in The Classroom

STEM’s New Found Importance in The Classroom

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) is the future in terms of education. As the world rapidly changes with technological advancements, global concern and environmental panic, each generation is believed to become more and more adapted into the work and understandings of STEM. The four educational disciplines integrate concepts from the classroom into the real world and new methods of teaching the subjects are leading to hands on projects that keep students interested and excited.

The Jefferson Charter Academy based in Hanford is a dual language immersion school that is dedicatedly focused to a science based concentration programme, and teachers are urging other schools to follow in their footsteps. The school creates an optional STEM project each month that can aid students to develop and refine their skills in the STEM sectors.

The innovative concepts within STEM learning are helping students to understand how investigations and research into concepts can lead into how society is effected and how we can improve this. Some of the concepts Jefferson Academy has brought forth include aspects of the sonic boom, roller coaster principles, resonance in bridges and even space theory such as triple acceleration in orbiting.

The school are adamant on the importance of physics and students are made aware of its importance within the world we live in. The school believe that by educating students on STEM and the possibilities that come from each sector of it, they are ensuring children want to learn. With the continuous development of technology, the learning of STEM is becoming more and more important to understand and acknowledge.

There are many advancements in society that are engineering related and if current students are integrated into the STEM notions then they might pursue a positive and rewarding career in an aspect of the field. Students are thought to be thoroughly enjoying the studies with many offering to do projects outside of class time, the Hanford based Academy are hopeful other establishments will soon develop a STEM based syllabus for students.

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