Toyota Hilux Named Glass’s Used Van Hero for October

Toyota Hilux Named Glass’s Used Van Hero for October

Toyota’s almost indestructible Hilux pick-up truck has been named as Glass’s Used Van Hero for October.

Every month, Glass’s commercial vehicle editors hold a meeting to name the current Used Van Hero in the UK market – the model they think offers outstanding value, quality and ability.

Senior Commercial Vehicle Editor, Andy Picton, commented: More than any other commercial vehicle in the world, the Hilux is recognised for the fact that it will just keep going, no matter how much it is abused. For people who place reliability and the ability to drive anywhere above all other considerations, it is the perfect buy.

Long before Top Gear tried to blow up a Hilux, it was already seen by the market as almost indestructible and the number one pickup for serious use, so residual values tend to be strong. A used example isn’t cheap but then you are buying something that you can almost guarantee will never let you down.

Picton added that the only downside of the vehicle tended to be the fairly high running costs on older models.

He continued: Official Toyota parts for the Hilux aren’t cheap and the servicing intervals on earlier models are frequent. However, this is part of the price you are paying for its unrivalled durability. There are very few vehicles you can recommend without hesitation but, for the right buyer, the Hilux is one.

The first generation Hilux left the production line in 1968. With the recent launch of the all-new pick-up, it is now in its eighth generation.

Throughout the world, the Hilux has enjoyed the best of reputations. A vehicle which was built for proper off-road use, the Hilux is durable in all conditions and powered by a rugged and reliable diesel engine. It is also a commanding presence on or off road.

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