BT to Start Selling Handsets


Mobile technology experts are suggesting that EE’s days could be numbered after BT Mobile announced its plans to start selling handsets.

BT confirmed its intention to move into the pay monthly market from next month, as it attempts to build up its mobile presence.

However this has raised questions about where EE now stands in its plans, having acquired the network earlier in the year.

400,000 SIM-only customers are already with BT Mobile, however the market is considerably smaller than the profitable pay monthly model, meaning that the move makes financial sense.

BT’s Director of Digital, Steve Wilson, insisted that both BT Mobile and EE will still exist in the future, when he spoke on a conference call.

However experts say that there may not be enough room for both the brands in an already crowded mobile market.

Of the two, BT Mobile will be making its products more affordable, whereas EE will continue to be a more premium option, leading mobile gurus to suggest that this will be the first stage of a merger.

From next month customers will be able to buy handsets including a range of iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models on the BT network.

Meanwhile, BT Broadband customers will receive a £5 discount off their monthly tariff.

Wilson added that the operator will offer competitive tariffs on a range of different handsets, however this will not be revealed until Wednesday.

BT invested £6 billion into mobile services and faster broadband earlier this month, aimed at improving services over the next three years.

The company plan to offer ultra-fast broadband by 2020 to over 12 million premises, while also improving 4G mobile services coverage.

Sky, however, claimed the plan showed a lack of ambition from BT and led calls for them to instead invest in fibre broadband networks in the UK.

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