Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset Divides Fans

Oculus Rift

As if real life wasn’t enough, this week saw the dawning of a new era in virtual reality with the release of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset on Monday. The first of its kind made to be available to consumers, Oculus Rift has attracted the hype of the tech savvy on the street and major tech executives alike and, the latest in VR technology could be yours for a princely $599 (equivalent to around £420).

The launch was hugely anticipated following false starts and promises over two years. Following Facebook’s buy-out of the firm responsible for the pioneering software back in 2014 however, development of a prototype was quickly underway, and it seems Mark Zuckerberg may well have yet another success story on his hands.

Or, not quite. Because despite being the first on the scene with an earlier release date than either HTC or Sony’s attempts (due later this year), Oculus Rift has, for some, failed to live up to expectations. World leading technology review platform, CNET, is amongst those passing judgement on the VR headset and Senior Editor, Jeff Bakalar seems to suggest the technology is far from where it needs to be. Oculus can currently only detect head movement though customers can utilise a 3D functionality add-on later this year.

He was nevertheless enthusiastic about the potential of VR in the future, even suggesting that it might be possible to project images directly to the retina rather than requiring customers to view images via a lens at a screen. In the here and now however, Bakalar suggests that HTC’s Vive virtual reality headset will offer the best overall experience for customers when it’s released later this month.

Some reviewers have reported Ocula Rift’s virtual reality experience was nauseating while others have praised its ability to transport customers to another place, either world of film or gameplay. Criticisms have also been made against anything from its difficult interface to its too tight straps.

Whatever the reaction, of course, it’s no doubt a reaction that Oculus Rift was after – particular when it put forward the release date. And though it might be flawed and later enhanced by either itself or other firms, Oculus Rift has sparked new attention for the VR sector and is sure to make waves in the real world.

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