You Won’t Believe This Futuristic Under Water Drone!


PowerVision have released details on their upcoming PowerRay submarine drone. The drone is designed with the goal of revolutionising fishing, the device has a number of cutting edge features to take the tedium out of the leisure activity and ensure the most fruitful catch possible. The drone’s extensive list of features includes a powerful 4k camera. The device sends crystal clear imagery to your smartphone from which you can control the direction of the drone and scout out fish, all from a safe anddry distance. The device promises to take much of the frustration out of fishing.

Perhaps the coolest feature of the device is the ability to link it up to a Virtual Reality device, allowing you to see in 3D and control the drone as if you were in the water yourself. This truly futuristic device. The Power Ray even features a detachable LED luring light that is used to attract fish.
The drone comes with a detachable PowerVision scanner, the scanner sends detailed information on fish distribution, underwater temperature, depth, under-water landscape, and fish alerts that are all transmitted to a mobile app.

The PowerRay is made by Chinese developers PowerVision, the company are renowned drone designers and have previously released the PowerEgg, PowerBee and PowerEye. The PowerRay however represents the cutting-edge developers first venture into underwater technology.

The device promises to vastly improve the efficiency of recreational fishing, the device is controllable up to 70 meters away so a fair amount of exploration is possible. As well as this the drone packs 32GB of internal memory, meaning you will be able to capture a decent amount of high definition underwater footage before you are required to export.
Aesthetically the PowerRay features a sleek, modern design. Of course, the inspiration for its aesthetic is the body of a Ray but the metallic finish makes it look like a futuristic metal ray-robot hybrid. The device is available in two colours, a clean and minimal white as well as an eye catching bright red.

The PowerRay underwater drone will be available to pre-order from March 27th although a price point has not yet been revealed.

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