Fastline International Comments on Platooning Trials

Fastline International Comments on Platooning Trials

The manufacturing companies DAF and Ricardo have formed a partnership with the logistics company DHL in order to hold trials for their partially automated truck convoys that will be utilised on motorways and major highways across the UK.

The Transport Research Laboratory has been given authorisation for these tests by the British Government, and it is thought that they will take place next year. According to Fastline International, the fact that the trials will include the logistics company DHL as delivery partner demonstrates that the rise of online shopping has led to the explorations of technical innovation and developments for the delivery industry.

The Head of Consumer Research at Fastline International, David Jinks, suggests that the the noticeable increase in parcel deliveries seen in recent years due to more transactions in the e-commerce industries has led to the need for faster and safer delivery solutions. The use of these partially driverless platoons have been trialled in the US and in Europe. The trials carried out in the UK will be looking to establish the safety of this logistics solution on the busy motorways in the UK. The main difference between the motorways and highways in the UK and on the Continent is the increased number of exits in the UK.

Britain’s motorists could be concerned at the prospect of a platoon of vehicles that features a number of trucks that have no diver operating them, only a lead truck fully under control of a driver. However the benefits of this development , if the trials are successful, could reduce the carbon footprint of the UK logistics industry, as well as a possible reduction in the opportunities for human error in a majority automated truck platoon. The advancements in technology will help the industry to make deliveries greener and quicker than ever before.

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