Otter Brewery Released News of Their KAUP Customised Keg Clamp Attachment

Otter Brewery Released News of Their KAUP Customised Keg Clamp Attachment

The Otter Brewery in Luppitt, Devon has released news of their KAUP Customised Keg Clamp Attachment. The Brewery is named after the River Otter which flows nearby and whose head springs provide water to the brewery so that they can manufacture their family award winning beers. The brewery was first founded in 1990 by David Mary McCaig and is still run by this family today.

Over the years the brewery has rapidly sent their levels of production increase. Alongside this the company has also tried to make sure that their sustainability practices have also improved. The Otter Brewery was named as the Most Sustainable Brewery at the 2011 Society of Independent Brewers awards. In order to be more sustainable Otter also has the UK’s first  underground carbon busting eco cellar which includes a series or willow beds and is sees that wastewater is treated naturally on the Brewery’s nineteen acre site.

In order to keep up with the rapid growth of the company, Otter Brewery has introduced a new kegging facility in order to cope with the increased number of kegs and casks being moved on site each day. B&B Attachments provided assistance to Otter Brewery as they looked to improve their facilities, and supplied the brewers with a tailor made KAUP Keg Clamp attachment for their forklifts. This bespoke attachment has been manufactured in order to suit the needs of the brewery in their height restricted warehouse. B&B also delivered Otter an attachment that has been fully refurbished for loading and unloading.

The customised Keg Clap that has been manufactured for the Devon brewery is fitted onto a Toyota truck and has the capacity to handle 12 barrells in a single lift. The attachment that has been specially created for Otter Brewery can grip the kegs and casks securely while still allowing for easy maneuvering. The attachments that have been supplied by B&B are used daily and allows the brewery to load and move the kegs and casks reliably and rapidly.  

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