Bedstar – An Ethical Business with Big Ideas

Bedstar - An Ethical Business with Big Ideas

Established in 2004, the Bedstar website has become synonymous with quality beds and mattresses at fair prices. Of course, the goal of any business is to succeed, yet this online supplier is keen to promote its ethical stance whilst progressing as a leading supplier of top quality beds and mattresses.

Before the internet revolutionised the retail world, the Yorkshire based Bedstar had already gained a local reputation for superb service and fantastic value for money since it began trading in 1964. The company remains true to its roots yet is still able to effectively utilise the contemporary necessity for an online presence.

Mattresses Matter

The application of many years of experience is definitely reflected in the fact that Bedstar recognises the need for choice. Customers are free to choose from a variety of mattresses, each offering assorted benefits, depending on your specific requirements. The site’s handy key gives details such as the mattresses’ level of firmness, whether it is made using open coil springs, pocket springs, or reflex foam, and the depth of the mattress. This at a glance information makes it easier to quickly select your ideal mattress and makes the entire online mattress shopping process so much quicker. The company works on an ethos of transparency, with all prices stated clearly and inclusive of VAT.

Environmentally Aware

There are many retailers who now recognise their responsibility to help protect the environment, and Bedstar is very clear on how it intends to do this. When your new mattress, or bed is delivered you have the option of allowing Bedstar to remove and recycle your old bed, with no extra costs added to your delivery fee. Unlike some companies however, Bedstar’s site details the importance of recycling, and how they, as an ethical company, help to minimise the impact of their products on the environment. Customers can find information such as how each old mattress is stripped down completely and the recyclable parts sent to the relevant recycling plants.

Value For Money

Bedstar is adamant that is more than merely a business, but is a retailer that genuinely wants to provide exceptional value for money by providing a wide range of top quality products at affordable prices. It certainly appears that this is the case, and the company’s reputation remains solid, with customers continuing to take advantage of low priced mattresses and beds.

The company, as successful as it is, is not however resting on its laurels, and if its mission statement is to be believed, then it will continue to grow as a leading retailer that offers up to 40% off typical high street prices.

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