HR Case Study: Amtico and MHR Software

HR Case Study: Amtico and MHR Software

Amtico is a manufacturer and market leader of high-quality luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) for UK residential homes and worldwide commercial premises. With manufacturing and sales headquarters in the West Midlands, England, Amtico has a sales network across Europe, USA, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. They’re part of the Mannington Mills group of flooring companies and have been an MHR customer since January 2021.

Amtico had been using different providers for payroll, HR and their Learning Management System (LMS). The systems weren’t integrated, and the HR system was due to be discontinued. It was time to go out to tender.

An integrated system was the first criteria that needed satisfying. They also wanted to reduce time spent on various HR and payroll-related tasks, while automating a number of processes. Amtico also wanted an LMS they could integrate with HR and payroll.

They considered several options, but HR Director, Jason Shelley had used iTrent previously and was a keen advocate. “I think you’ll like this one,” he said. As well as integration, ease-of-use was paramount in their choice of provider.

To address their need for an integrated HR, payroll and learning management system, Amtico licensed iTrent in 2021. After running three parallel pay runs, they went live later that year.

The HR component will be used right across the company while the payroll element will be used for Amtico’s 500 or so (approx. 85%) UK employees. The LMS, which is automated and integrates with HR and payroll has recently been rolled out, with People First Connect to improve employee engagement set to be up and running soon.

Even just a few months after implementation Amtico was realising several major benefits in using iTrent. These included:

  • Full integration of HR and payroll, which has freed-up time to focus on higher-level and more strategic tasks
  • The platform is user friendly and intuitive
  • Automation means that workflows have replaced duplication of manual processes
  • Significant time savings across Payroll and HR depts – weekly payroll is now processed in less than an hour
  • Employee self-service has improved access to pay information, which has led to a big reduction in pay queries
  • Single sign-on has reduced password queries
  • Employee data only needs to be entered once
  • Input and information flow around starters and leavers much simpler and quicker
  • All managers are accessing iTrent – something that didn’t happen with previous systems

Using MHR’s integrated system has freed up time to concentrate on reporting and management information projects, while access to the software across management delivers greater efficiencies to the business.

“The time freed-up means I can do things with business objects and reporting and more mi and project stuff.”

Lisa Dewis, Payroll & HR Systems Specialist, Amtico


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