New Lightweight and Moveable Bulkhead Has Been Launched

New Lightweight and Moveable Bulkhead Has Been Launched

A new lightweight and moveable bulkhead has been launched by an international trailer manufacturer. Krone has launched the new piece of equipment that will be used in their Cool Liner refrigerated trailers.

The equipment that has been launched by the Germany based company is called Isowall and has been manufactured at the company’s Lubtheen plant which is in Germany. The new bulkhead that has been produced by the dealer manufacturer is only 120kg in weight and has been designed to be strong and easy to operate. The bulkhead can b retrofitted in less than an hour and can be done so with a range of specialised tools, meaning that the bulkhead installation is even more efficient.

When not in use, the bulkhead can be stored by being connected to the roof through the use of magnets. This way of storing the bulkhead means that there is more space saved that can be used for the transportation of cargo. A feature of the new bulkhead is a balancer system that works alongside a locking lever that means that they equipment is easy to open, close and move along the trailer. The vertical opening and closing means that no extra equipment is needed for the vacuum ventilation systems in the trailers.

The new bulkhead can also be fitted on vehicles that have varying internal heights, with one piece inner and outer grp skin that can be modified to fit the vehicle as well as roller and balancers that can also be repaired and replaced without the need to remove the entire panel.

The new Isowall moveable bulkhead form Krone is already popular across the UK and Ireland and will be showcased alongside the latest Krone Cool Liner temperature controlled trailer at the TCS&D Show which will take place in Coventry this year.

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