SOLIDUS Make €11M Investment in Sustainable Retail Packaging for 2023

SOLIDUS Make €11M Investment in Sustainable Retail Packaging for 2023

SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS (SOLIDUS) invests €11 million into FUTURLINE®, a range of innovative retail ready packaging solutions, including skin packaging, MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) and punnets which are already being rolled out across Benelux, France, Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom and Spain.

Driven by the demand for sustainability, as research shows over four in five consumers consider the topic important when purchasing food and beverage, the new packaging provides a more sustainable solution whilst not compromising on the need for convenience. The investment is an indication of the commitment by SOLIDUS to continued innovation, with a range of retail and food service products which reduce the environmental impact whilst offering high-quality, cost-effective solutions to retailers and end-users as part of their circular-making strategy.

New skin packaging and MAP solutions by SOLIDUS use at least 80% less plastic which is easily separated so that their paper-based materials can be fully recycled after use. The trays have been developed to run on existing packaging machines with minimal adjustments, facilitating the transition from plastic to paper-based packaging as well as removing costs for new machinery.

Skin packaging offers a solution for meat and poultry that meets consumer demand for ready-to-eat products; the deep vacuum technology supports the shelf life of produce and decreases the need for protective packaging fillers, making it a cost-effective option compared to other methods.

MAP offers solutions for retail and food service deliveries for meat, fish, ready-meals, snacks, and coffee. Made with at least 80% less plastic, MAP products match the shelf life of its plastic counterparts.

Punnets offer a 100% recyclable solution for soft fruits, mushrooms, and vegetables, made from renewable resources. The solid board material offers rigidity and moisture resistance, delivering better protection for produce over plastic and folding board alternatives.

SOLIDUS CEO Dieter Bergner states: “Our growth model is centred on initiatives that are driven by promoting a circular economy that at the same time adds value to both customers and end-users. These latest innovations offer sustainable solutions that deliver several benefits for our customers through packaging waste reduction, reduced CO2 footprint, re-use of the paper fibres as well as optimal product protection, and matched or extended shelf-lives; meeting ever-changing demands of consumers, brand-owners, retailers, and regulators.”

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