RIBA is Coming to The North

RIBA is Coming to The North

Liverpool is set for some changes this June with RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) revealing their plans to create their first centre for Architects outside of London. The building is set to open on Liverpool’s waterfront this summer and will add to already culture fuelled city.

RIBA North have explained they already have a building with museum conditions that offers a magnificent opportunity to view RIBA’s world renowned historical collections, offering hundreds of years of Britain’s extensive and extraordinary architecture. The new centre is said to made up of primarily of galleries and spaces for informative talks with a cafe and gift shop.  The design will be split across a pair of low lying blocks designed in London Studio-Broadway Malyan.

There are high hopes that RIBA’s presence in Liverpool will aid the already strong sense of cultural pride and heritage Liverpool holds offering increased opportunities especially for those who live and study in the city. The new centre will host a permanent exhibition surrounding the architectural past of Liverpool with parts of Liverpool’s story told via an interactive 3D model.

The building is set to become a professional tool for architects, planners and developers from all over the North regions of the UK in relation to future projects. The centre will also host temporary exhibits of drawings, prints and photographs from the RIBA archive dating from the 15th century right through to the modern day.

Over 30 drawings, watercolours and models have been restored thanks to a £67,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and will be showcased on the buildings opening date. Currently set to be: 17th June 2017. The centre will suit the cities diverse landscape well, sporting two mono volume towers coated in a reflective black cladding set at right angles where they face onto the River Mersey.

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