Technology That Is Set To Change the World


Technology has everyone wondering when the world will take that sudden shift to being a huge tech influenced planet that not everyone really understands. As it turns out, there are a lot of products already out there that could make that day sooner than you may have realised. Get ready to dive straight into the virtual tech infused world we do in fact live in with some of the top technologies that may just change the world:

Google Glass
Theoretically Google glass means you are able to view all the things you do on your mobile through glasses. You can view social media feeds, text, use google maps, navigate your GPS system and take photos. You will be able to receive the latest updates of whatever you desire while going about your day. The device is certainly seems like something of the future and independent film directors are exploring ways to shoot movies using the glasses as a camera. The Google glass could be yours for $1500 but other tech companies are already building more affordable versions.

Leap Motion
There is the dark and unsuccessful area of multi-touch desktops that filed miserable due to prolonged use leaving customers hands rather tired. Leap Motion took the idea again and challenged previous developers with a more advanced version of the same idea. Leap Motion allows you to control your desktop without touching the screen, you can scroll the web, sign documents, play games, view photos and much more simply by finger movements. This futuristic software comes at a very reasonable $70, so if you want to impress your gadget loving friends without breaking the bank this could be the one for you.

Eye Tribe
Eye Tribe actually did what everyone has been talking about and successfully created a technology that allows you to control your devices using mere eye movements. This is reality catching up with sci-fi but the company is still looking to seek partnership for the product to be brought to the consumer market.

Oculus Rift
Virtual reality gaming has arrived. There are many products offering virtual realities on the market but Rift comes with a $300 price tag and has claimed the title of revolution for the next generation of gaming. You can turn your head around with ultra-low latency to view the world inside the head set with high resolution display.

This is changing the way computers will be made in a revolutionary manner. Putting it simply Parallella is the supercomputer for everyone. It is an energy efficient computer built for processing complex software simultaneously and efficiently with stronger speech recognition.

While devices tend to be stand-alone objects, SmartThings combines your devices be they digital or non-digital to benefit you in your everyday life. You can gain access to smoke alarms, heating and even track if anyone has been in your home. You can take charge of light switches from your mobile device for around $500 and feel like the lord of tech. Many other companies have since rivalled SmartThings but it remains in the top tech advancements.

Project Fiona
Fiona was released in 2013 and is a serious gaming tablet for the hardcore gaming obsessive. When released she was the frontier of future tablets and since gaming companies have taken the initiative to follow on in her footsteps. The 2013 model had an Intel Core i7 processor geared to render favourite PC games in the palm of the buyers’ hand and offered full screen interface supporting multi touch.

Google Driveless Car
Tech cannot be mentioned without the name Google cropping up at least a couple of times. The driveless car is powered by artificial intelligence that utilizes input from video cameras inside the car, a sensor on the vehicles top and some radar and position sensors attached at different locations of the car. The product does as exactly as it says and can drive without human command or assistance.

Every day the world brings forth new innovations of tech that continue to astound developers and excite tech lovers.

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