Lockinexs’ Mission To Reduce Health and Safety Risks In The Workplace


Lockinex UK Limited is a UKAS ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 accredited company that provides high-quality industrial safety products. 

Lockinex has been providing safety solutions for over 22 years. Their customer base includes facilities management contractors, fencing contractors, rail contractors, fabricators, engineers and more.

In 2021 – 2022 over 1500 workers in companies across the UK were injured in the workplace. 63% of these employees needed significant time off, resulting in delays in projects, wasted resources and costing the company thousands in legal fees.

Lockinexs’ mission is to help minimise these risks and bring these statistics down by helping companies improve their health and safety standards. This can be achieved by supplying their proven safety solutions and expertise to businesses throughout the UK. 

It is highly recommended by HSE guidance to install a barrier system that segregates staff from machinery and vehicles. Doing so prevents risks and catastrophic events from occurring, which could impact both the company and its employees. 

In the last year alone, over 20% of workplace deaths have been due to impact from moving vehicles.

One of the many solutions Lockinex offers includes Armco Crash Barrier. Armco is designed to segregate, protect and eliminate risks to pedestrians, assets and buildings by separating and protecting them from moving vehicles. Armco resists the collision from the vehicle and shields pedestrians and assets from harm in the process, resulting in reduced fatalities, injuries, and damage to assets.

Made from mild steel, Armco has a proven service life of up to 85 years thanks to its hot-dip galvanised finish applied according to British Standards. The beam itself is an extremely durable structure that can take a significant amount of impact before damage occurs.

Having just launched an innovative new product, Lockinex is one of the first suppliers to offer hi-vis polymer fishtail end terminals, giving their customers a more cost-effective approach whilst still offering superior protection and visibility. These ends come in yellow with 8 connection bolt holes and reflective strips for high visibility, making it easier for drivers and pedestrians alike to visualise the start and end of beams.

They also supply other systems to the industrial sector including:

Walkway handrails, Self-Closing Safety Gates, Roof Guardrails, Modular Guardrails, Pedestrian Guardrails

To find out more information on their Armco Barrier, its components or other products they supply, visit their website. Or contact one of their specialists via email at sales@lockinex.com today.

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