Third International Conference on Transport and Health is Been Held in Barcelona

Third International Conference on Transport and Health is Been Held in Barcelona

The third International Conference on Transport and Health has been held recently in Barcelona. At the event is was emphasised that a different perspective is needed and there should be a change toward more sustainable models of transport planning in order to make public health a main priority.

The International Conference, that was held in Barcelona, is a space for global research to be presented and discussed. The research of the health impacts of transport is the main topic of the conference and covers the possible exposures from transport and from urban living that could affect a person’s health. The third meeting for the International Conference in Transport and Health took place between the 26th and 29th of June at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health. The location is supported by the la Caixa Foundation.

At the moment research shows that transport sector employs 10 million people just in Europe and contributes to around 5% of GDP. In a world that seems to be shrinking there is more and more pressure put onto the transport sector in order to expand and improve, with a wide range of technological advancements taking place. However with the increased transport links and networks growing, the consequences to our health are also increasing. The co-chair at the conference and the Director of the Urban Planning Environment and Health Initiative at ISG Global have said that improving the urban planning that takes place could reduce premature mortality by as much as 20%.

The ICTH  says that their aim is to connect scientific investigation and the application of its finding in the real world of transport development. The World Health Organization Coordinator of Public Health, Environmental and Social Determinants has emphasised that it is vital for public transportation to be a priority in order to increase activity levels and fitness as well as reduce ar and noise pollution and help to fight climate change.

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