Why Choose Concrete for Garage Construction

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Modern concrete garages are a brilliant option to add to a home due to the material’s strong and durable properties. Many homeowners do not realise how durable concrete is, however with buildings such as the Roman Colosseum being made of the material and still standing after two thousand years, it shows just how reliable concrete is for building and construction. To find out more about why concrete is so popular, here are a few reasons why it is the best choice of material for your garage build.

Overall, concrete is more cost-effective

A prefabricated concrete structure will cost much less than a brick building of a similar size without compromising on the quality of the finished product. A sectional concrete garage can be as much as 75%[1] cheaper than a brick built equivalent, due mainly to the construction method that means concrete panels are pre-manufactured on a large scale, making them much more cost effective to manufacture and install.

Concrete does not limit the style or shape of the building. Much like a brick building, concrete also allows any design and fixtures that you require to be added to the finished design, making prefab garages from Lidget Compton the perfect choice for adding to your property, including a ten year structural guarantee. For larger spaces, double garages are ideal for using as storage for vehicles or even as an extension to your home.

A concrete garage does not require planning permission

Another reason many homeowners choose concrete is because a concrete garage often does not need planning permission, and is usually only requires if the building is above 2.5 metres in height, meaning that it is much quicker and more time-effective to build without the need to wait for planning permission to be approved. However, regulations do vary in different areas so always check with your local authority before embarking on a build.

Installing a concrete garage is more time-efficient than building a brick garage

Impressively, the installation of a concrete garage can often be carried out in a matter of days, with the whole process of ordering the garage to the completed build often taking as little as two weeks. A brick garage would usually take a while longer, sometimes with the additional mess of building materials for cement mixing and pouring.

A concrete garage is fire resistant

Concrete does not burn, making it ideal for homeowners and provides customers with peace of mind. Many brick build garages usually have a highly combustible wooden roof structure which can add further health and safety concerns for a homeowner to consider. With concrete being much safer from a fire hazard point of view, this may mean that homeowners may see lower insurance premiums when compared to garages made from brick.

Concrete offers brilliant quality and modern designs

Concrete garages not only offer longevity and security, but they also allow many designs and finished depending on the homeowner’s preferences. Alternative wall finishes such as textured wall finishes, a stone or brick wall finish and even a PVCu timber effect cladding in a choice of contemporary colours to compliment the colours of your home, so there is no compromise or a one-fits-all approach to each concrete build.


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