ICE encourages Education Minister to help inspire the next generation of civil engineers


ICE Northern Ireland met with Education Minister John O’Dowd to foster collaboration and inform him of ICE’s push for education and inspiration among young people.

At a meeting with Education Minister John O’Dowd, ICE representatives highlighted the current challenges facing civil engineering skills shortages, as well as ICE’s educational initiatives responding to those issues.

ICE NI Regional Director Richard Kirk, civil engineer Ciara Doherty of Lagan Construction Group and ICE NI Past Chairman Ian Long met with the Minister at Stormont. Topics discussed ranged from the Schools Capital Programme delivery to the skills gap to the gender imbalance in the civil engineering sector.

Richard also informed the Minister of the scope of ICE NI’s Education & Inspiration initiative, which includes civil engineering-themed programmes for pupils aged 8-18 and a new Level 3 apprenticeship programme.

“The meeting was a great opportunity to update the Education Minister of our achievements, new programmes and ongoing challenges,” Richard said. “Having Minister O’Dowd’s support on these issues is extremely important, and we look forward to collaborating with him to encourage young people to become civil engineers.”

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