Interpon Helps CEMER Secure a More Sustainable Future

Interpon Helps CEMER Secure a More Sustainable Future

CEMER, a Turkish business, has switched to an Interpon Redox powder coating system which not only delivers the anti-corrosion performance the business needs to compete on a global stage, but also helps CEMER to meet its sustainability ambitions.

Burak Eroglu, Chief Production Officer at CEMER, says that the system, comprising a primer and topcoat, is helping the business to compete on the international stage: “Working with AkzoNobel has helped us further improve the quality of our equipment. The durability of the powder coatings helps to guarantee that our products will last in extremes of hot and cold and all climates, in any of the 75 countries in the world where our products are used.”

He says it is also helping to bring color and style: “Our equipment is not just about the physical wellbeing of children but also about their mental wellbeing, and color plays an important part in a child’s psychological development. This was where AkzoNobel’s color expertise, research and advice was especially beneficial. Different age groups respond to different colors and working with AkzoNobel means there is no limit to the colors and finishes available to us. Whatever our customers want, they can have.”

Akzonobel is helping CEMER deliver significant process improvements. Using Interpon Redox in preference to HDG reduces costs and waste, while still meeting the market requirement for corrosion protection. HDG also requires the steel substrate to be pre-treated prior to a topcoat being applied, an additional process layer that is now removed.

Burak says the technical support provided by the AkzoNobel team is second to none: “Switching to Interpon is giving us the perfect combination of improved coating process, protection and sustainability,” Burak says, “and improving the efficiency of our coating line.”

A family-owned business founded in 1994, CEMER has a reputation for designing and creating equipment that is trusted by more than 5,000 customers the world over. Its products are instantly recognizable for the color and quality of their cutting-edge designs.

Busra Eroglu, Sales and Marketing Manager, says that the global reputation of AkzoNobel is a tremendous support: “Our customers are very happy that we are working with AkzoNobel. They demand products that are reliable, durable, and available in a vast array of colors, and AkzoNobel helps us deliver the consistency in color and performance that working with a global brand brings.”

Sanal Limoncuoglu, Regional Commercial Director of AkzoNobel Powder Coatings in South and East Europe, says that supporting CEMER in making the switch has been centered on partnerships: “It is exciting to know that our ceaseless desire for innovation, and commitment to long-term sustainable partnerships, is helping CEMER to grow its international business,” Sanal continues. “We both understand the importance of reputation and are committed to delighting our customers worldwide.”

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