QA Weld Tech Announced its Plans for Carrying On Their Expansion

QA Weld Tech Announced its Plans for Carrying On Their Expansion

QA Weld Tech, an integrated welding and engineering solutions provider operating in the North East of the Country has announced its plans for carrying on their expansion by offering their well known welding and fabrication services to be used in a range of different industrial sectors. QA Weld Tech has a good reputation and is thought to be one of the leading providers of welding and engineering solutions in the North East where they operate. Their good reputation should make the expansion into more sectors such as nuclear, power generation and petrochemical slightly simpler.

The company first started operating in 1980 in Middlesbrough. The company has developed their services to become a central player in the oil and gas sector. QA Weld Tech has worked with a number of high profile companies in the past including Total, BP, Shell and GE Oil & Gas.

Charles Tighe has worked in the past as a Welding Engineer, and is now the Managing Director of the QA Weld Tech after founding the company in 1980. The supplier of integrated welding and engineering solutions started working from a 600 sq.m. unit. Now the company is working from nine adjacent workshops at the same Riverside location, stretching over 4,600 sq.m.

QA Weld Tech offers their clients a full turnkey solution and highlights the fact that they are able to work with a range of difficult materials in order to deliver cutting edge solutions for their client’s complex problems. Expanding into a range of different industry sectors has come after a slight rebranding for the company, who have released a new logo in order to upgrade their image and better reflect the quality of the work and service that they offer.

The company has recently been awarded and successfully delivered a number of major contracts in the oil and gas market in which they are well established. QA Weld Tech are planning on using the success of these major contracts in order to enter into the other industries in order to offer their engineering services to a whole new audience.

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