Ricardo Churchill Bespoke Metalwork Case Study FEIN Improves Efficiency and Precision for Leading Metal Fabricator

Ricardo Churchill Bespoke Metalwork Case Study FEIN Improves Efficiency and Precision for Leading Metal Fabricator

Ricardo Churchill Bespoke Metalwork, which creates bespoke furniture evocative of contemporary gothic design, works with a variety of metals such as mild steel, stainless steel and brass, amongst others to produce unique, statement pieces that push the boundaries of modern furniture trends.

Starting his career in steel boat construction, alongside his side-line of creating steel furniture, Ricardo’s hobby quickly turned into a full-time career after demand for his pieces skyrocketed. Now, out of his UK workshop, Ricardo counts numerous high-profile interior designers, celebrities and production companies, including Sky Arts and BBC, as his clients.

Ricardo was spending considerable amounts of time using bandsaws to cut accurately. But, turned to FEIN to help provide a solution to improve this issue and ultimately create efficiencies in his work.


In the current economical landscape, improving efficiency and driving productivity is essential for businesses. This was very much the case for Ricardo Churchill, who was consistently spending unnecessary time using bandsaws while creating his bespoke furniture pieces.

Ricardo’s previous experience with chop saws had also been plagued by unreliability, with many having had parts fail or having broken quite quickly. He also had long-standing issues with blade wander, which was having a substantial impact on accuracy – particularly when working on the more intricate details of his designs.

Continuing with the chop saws he had traditionally used wasn’t commercially viable and, having had positive experiences with other FEIN power tools in the past, Ricardo connected with the FEIN team to help solve the problems he was having.

FEIN’s solution

Having worked with Ricardo Churchill on several occasions previously and understanding his work, including the day-to-day challenges he was facing, FEIN’s team of metalworking experts recommended the MKAS 355 metal chop saw. With a powerful motor and various saw blades, the MKAS 355 is built to precisely cut all ferrous and non-ferrous metals quickly and efficiently.

The MKAS 355 metal chop saw can process various different types of profiles, including tubes, square profiles, angle irons and bar stock, amongst others, making it ideal for those working in steel/metal construction, mechanical engineering, boiler, container and tank construction, pipe processing, water/gas supply and welding workshops. Depending on blade choice, the MKAS 355 can cut various materials and thicknesses including, mild steel, aluminium, thin sheet and stainless.

In addition, the chop saw operates at maximum efficiency due to its high-torque motor with low speeds; high surface finish – thanks to its TCT (tungsten carbide tips) saw blades and its maximum cutting capacity with the diameter of its saw blades remaining constant, unlike the traditional abrasive grinding/cutting discs. Beyond this, the tool achieves precise results and little rework, thanks to minimal tarnish and burr formation – all significant draws for Ricardo.

Benefits of the MKAS 355 metal chop saw

The MKAS 355 metal chop saw has resulted in Ricardo Churchill improving productivity, thanks to greater efficiency and precision – in turn, enabling Ricardo to make cost savings and adding real commercial value to his business. Key benefits the business has been able to capitalise on include:

  • 100% precision/accuracy – essentially maximum work progress with minimal rework
  • Versatility and a tool/blades capable of cutting just about any metal/material
  • A quick clamping device for table clamp, as well as a speed of 1,300 rpm (revolutions per minute) for maximum efficiency
  • Improved safety due to reduced exposure to abrasive dust (TCT vs abrasive wheel), cold cuts, plus dead man’s switch and protective blade guard
  • Ergonomic design via the MKAS 355’s well-balanced handle which is strategically placed for better guidance
  • A robust, durable tool that will stand the test of time and offer longevity to ensure strong ROI (return on investment)
  • Easy and intuitive operation, including easy bevel and angle adjustment from 0 to 45 degrees

Ricardo Churchill, founder and metalworker at Ricardo Churchill Bespoke Metalwork, commented: “In the past, I’ve used several other chop saws from other brands but have always had problems – the biggest being blade wander which really impacts accuracy and, as you can imagine, creates a lot of problems given the intricate details of my work. This has resulted in me spending a lot of time on cutting precision specifically. However, since using the MKAS 355, my experience has changed considerably – improving productivity and efficiency massively. The build quality and performance has been the best I’ve used – and, in my experience, it’s incredibly reliable in comparison to other chop saws currently on the market.”

Andy Mills, managing director of FEIN UK, added: “Ricardo Churchill is an incredible metalworker whose unique designs require the best tools on the market. The complexity of his craftsmanship and strong attention to detail mean it’s essential he has access to sawing tools that allow him to cut precisely with no room for error. We worked closely with Ricardo to drill down on the challenges he was facing, before recommending the ideal solution in the MKAS 355 – so it’s great to see it’s really adding value to his business not only in terms of productivity and efficiency, but also commercially.”



For further information on the MKAS 355 metal chop saw and FEIN’s catalogue of products, visit https://fein.com/en_uk/.


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