Helping Highlands Ranch Business Owners Find Local Painters to Help with Commercial Painting

Helping Highlands Ranch Business Owners Find Local Painters

The process of painting a house is something that most folks have experienced at one time or the other. We see painting activities going on around us every now and again. What many of us may however not be aware of is that there are different types of painting jobs.

To set a proper background upon which we will discuss our topic, we will first look at the different types of house or building painting jobs that we have. This is important as understanding the exact kind of painting job you need will help you find the right person or company to handle the job.

Types of Painting Jobs

There are three major types and these are: residential, commercial and industrial.


This is easily the most common type of painting jobs that we see. This has to do with regular residential buildings and is usually the least demanding. The major concerns here are the aesthetic value the job brings. Any protective value is usually just a natural by-product of the job.


This type of job is carried out on buildings used for business purposes. The goal here is to achieve both the aesthetic and protective value that a good paint job can bring to a building. While this may appear to be similar to the goals in a residential building, the scope and scale of the job with a commercial building is usually way bigger.

Aside from the fact that the physical structure is usually bigger than with most residential jobs, the human traffic and by implication human contact with the different surfaces is also usually way more. This means that a commercial building requires a greater level of protective painting than a residential building. You may also want to read a few additional points here.


This is very similar to a commercial painting job. The main difference between the two is that while a commercial paint job aims to achieve both aesthetic and protective objectives, an industrial paint job will be mainly focused on achieving as much protection as possible.

Examples of such locations include factories, warehouses and other such structures.

What is a Commercial Building?

Since our focus in this article is commercial painting, let us take a close look at what exactly we mean when we refer to a structure as a commercial building. Generally speaking, a commercial building refers to a building used for business purposes.

This means that the building is opened to the public for one reason or the other. Examples of structures that fall into this category include: retail stores, box stores, grocery stores, warehouses, churches, restaurants, corporate offices, schools, medical offices, hospitality, industrial spaces, gas stations, automotive shops, auto dealerships and others.

The painting of a huge apartment building can also be considered a commercial job because of the magnitude of the job. We are therefore looking at a business place or a huge project.

How to Find Commercial Painters in Highlands Ranch

Ask for Referrals

If you know anyone who has recently had a commercial building in Highlands Ranch painted satisfactorily, asking such a person for the contact of the company that handled the job will be a good way of cutting down on the time you will spend searching. A direct referral from a very satisfied customer is worth a lot more than any advert that a company can put up.

In the same vein, you can also be sure that if the company that did the work did not do a good job, your contact will not hesitate in the least to tell you so. You can therefore be sure of getting an honest view from those around you.

Search Online

Not everyone will have people who will be able to refer any companies that can handle commercial painting. If this refers to you, you can also find Highlands Ranch painters by carrying out a near me search.

Simply search for “commercial painters in Highlands Ranch” and you will find a list of almost all such companies located in that area. This is a good option to go for if you really want to cast your net wide so as to be able to locate as many companies that can provide this service as possible.

Check for Reviews

After performing the search and finding a number of recommendations from search engines, how do you go about choosing one? The next thing you ought to do is check for online reviews. When you perform a near me search, a search engine like Google will bring a list of companies, their contact details and a link to reviews written by past customers of each company.

It is important that you read these reviews as they will give you an insight into the quality of service that each company offers. The entire reviews are summed up into ratings with “5 star” being the highest rating.

Investigate Capacity

Capacity is something that is crucial in a commercial painting job. It is important that you carry out some investigation to ensure that the company you are considering has the capacity to handle the job you are planning to give them.

This may involve visiting their offices, asking to know how many employees they have and what equipment they have for the job. The answers you get will help you determine if the company has the capacity to handle the job you have in mind for them.

Compare Quotes

Finally, everything boils down to money. Compare quotes from different companies to know how much they will charge for their services. Be sure to check out the services they would be offering so your comparison will be like for like. Know how to estimate here.

Once you have done this, you will be in a better position to choose the one that offers you the best value. Knowing exactly what this job entails may actually help you choose the right candidate.


From everything we have discussed above, it should be pretty clear that a commercial painting job requires a great deal of capacity and resources. With this understanding, you will not approach it the same way you do a residential job.

There are companies that specialize in one or the other while there are others that can handle any of the two or three types we looked at. With the information we have shared here, you should now be able to find local painters that can handle your commercial painting job perfectly.

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