Aqua Cooling Boosts UK Oil Rigs With State-Of-The-Art Technology

Aqua Cooling

Innovation comes with the territory when it comes to Fareham-based Aqua Cooling. The leading specialist in the provision of cooling and associated products has supplied state of the art technology to help the world’s latest oil rig pumps reach their potential. The Queen’s Award-winning business, which last year took home the prize for Enterprise after developing a new leak prevention system, has installed its latest piece of kit at Hayward Tyler’s Centre of Excellence in Luton. The deal with Hayward Tyler is worth £200,000.

The South of England specialist has established an enviable reputation for its suite of industrial chiller products which boast cooling potential up to 3,564kW. Its latest innovation is the design of a cost-effective, energy-efficient alternative to historically proven but costly, less efficient cooling methods. Removing as much as 2 megawatts of energy waste, Aqua’s bespoke product drastically reduces costs and energy use when new and prototype fluid-filled performance-critical pump motors are tested.

The pump motors in question – which utilise as much as 8 megawatts of power and thus generate extremes of heat – will find their use tested on offshore oil-rigs where environments can, at times, be some of the most testing.

Extensive research by Hayward Tyler has revealed the success of Aqua’s product at maintaining a maximum temperature of 25 degrees when the pumps are in operation. Heat is dissipated as it is produced. The product has enabled Hayward Tyler to increase its test capability in its Centre of Excellence where global leaders such as GE and FMC sees motors developed. For Hayward Tyler, Aqua’s solution is a real boost.

Aqua’s sales director Simon Davies has noted his happiness at the successful collaboration between Aqua and Hayward Tyler. He noted not only the qualities of the product and the success it can bring Hayward Tyler in its overall operation but the cost and energy-critical savings it provides.

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