Conference Speakers from AntwerpXL 2022 Analyse Industry Trends

Conference Speakers from AntwerpXL 2022 Analyse Industry Trends

Speakers and guests from last month’s AntwerpXL, the award-winning breakbulk, heavy-lift and project cargo event, have set out their thoughts on industry trends in a new whitepaper.

The whitepaper, which will be released in three parts over the next 6 weeks, will feature critical news and views on subjects ranging from the long and short-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and the energy transition.  

Part 1 – Recap / Commercialisation and R&D 

Part 2 – Covid 19 and International Conflict

Part 3 – Challenges and Opportunities / Conclusion

Rikki Bhachu, Head of Marketing at AntwerpXL, says, “AntwerpXL has a unique, birds-eye view of the global breakbulk, heavy-lift and project cargo industries and we want to use our position to add value wherever we can.  After such a successful event and conference last month, we wanted to go that extra mile to provide some critical analysis of industry trends in the interim.

“This three-part series, which is completely free to download, will include views from some of the industry’s most insightful and forward-looking professionals in the world, at a time where insight is what we all need.”

AntwerpXL will return to the Antwerp Expo from the 28-30 November 2023, for more information, visit

AntwerpXL, the award-winning breakbulk and heavy-lift event, will be held on 4 – 6 October 2022 in Antwerp, Belgium.

Hosted at the heart of the European breakbulk market, AntwerpXL provides a platform for the breakbulk, roro, heavy lift and project cargo industry that delivers valuable connections and unforgettable experiences for visitors and exhibitors alike.

AntwerpXL provides all-year-round knowledge and resources, feeding into a platform for the industry to come together, networking with people from across the industry and finding the products and solutions needed for their businesses.

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