Fire, Blast and Heat Protection Systems has Been Appointed as a Preferred Supplier

Fire, Blast and Heat Protection Systems has Been Appointed as a Preferred Supplier

One of the leading manufacturers of fire, blast and heat protection systems in the UK has been appointed as a preferred supplier for the John Sverdrup Framework Agreement. The leaning manufacturers and global suppliers, has already started to deliver their solutions as part of the appointment, The Johan Sverdrup Framework Agreement will last for five years and has seen Mech-Tool Engineering Ltd appointed to deliver its well reputed solutions for a leading oil field project

Mech-Tool Engineering Ltd has their headquarters in Teesside, but has a variety of different facilities all around the world. The company has been appointed to the project by Statoil in order to deliver their expertise on the Johan Sverdrup project.

The Johan Sverdrup oil field is thought to be one of the largest modern day industrial projects. The oil field is the biggest in the Norwegian continental shelf and is located on the Utsira Height, which is in the North Sea. Mech-Tool Engineering will be working with Aibel and Samsung Heavy Industries in order to create fire and blast walls for the project as well as Louvres and windows. The wind walls and heatshield that will be used on three of the platforms that are used for drilling, riser and production will also be delivered by the trio of companies.

Mech-Tool Engineering has had a great deal of experience in the protection of people and equipment from fire, blast and other radiant heat hazards that are apparent in offshore and onshore energy sectors. The headquarters are located in Darlington and they work within the nuclear, renewable and petrochemical supply as well as oil and gas industries. The company’s focus on safety in all their work makes them a first choice as a supplier across the industry. Securing the five-year supplier agreement for the Johan Sverdrup project is a testament to their reputation.

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