Liqui Moly Producer of Over 4,000 Different Types of Automotive Chemicals

Liqui Moly Producer of Over 4,000 Different Types of Automotive Chemicals

Liqui Moly is the producer of over 4,000 different types of automotive chemicals. This included Motor Oils and additives as well as greases and sealants. The company was founded in 1957 and is a solely German company. The company is led by Ernst Prost and although manufactured only in Germany, Liqui Moly sells to more than 120 countries.

This successful motor oil company has now created a new range of motor oils to accommodate the ever advancing automotive industry. With cars growing more and more efficient and adapting with new technologies, the chemicals we put in them need to match up to these advancements. Liqui Moly has released two motor oils that will be compatible for the latest BMW and Volkswagen. The name of these new products are the Top Tec 6100 and the Top Tec 6200.

Both of the new products were developed to fit into the Euro 6 emissions standard. Because of this standard, it means that they are a less viscous consistency. This lower viscosity will decrease the resistance within the motor. By doing this, car manufacturers are moving more towards reducing fuel consumption and emission values. The Top Tec 6100 is within a normal range of viscosity for oils, however the Top Tec 6200 has an especially low viscosity.

These new oils are only suitable for special motors. They are not compatible with older cars and must not be added in to a different motor than specified under any circumstances. This is because the thin viscosity of the oil could lead to a large amount of motor wear in older motors that are incompatible for the oils. However, this ever increasing motor oil variety leads to dangers for drivers as well as garages. This is because vigilance will be required to make sure the motor oil will be suitable for the vehicle.

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