Worst Polluting Diesel Cars Going Unpunished

Worst Polluting Diesel Cars Going Unpunished

A number of the most polluting diesel vehicles in Europe are going ‘unpunished’, according to a report published ahead of an EU transport meeting.

Many of the cars are still to be investigated fully by regulators with regard to their emission levels, while EU transport ministers are set to meet in the wake of the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

Among the most polluting 30 models are the Nissan Qashqai, Range Rover Evoque and Ford Focus, all of which are said to have produced emissions results that appeared to be suspicious after being tested by British, French and German authorities earlier in the year.

The public tests results have been analysed by the Transport and Environment lobby group which is focussed on air quality.

However, authorities in the listed countries are yet to take any action against the car makers and have ruled out any further investigations, according to the group’s latest report. Therefore, the group is claiming that the manufacturers are not being sufficiently punished for their high emission levels.

The group have called their report ‘the dirty thirty’ and it is hoped that it will ramp up the pressure on EU transport ministers when they come together in Luxembourg this week to consider ways of progression following the VW scandal.

This report is one of a number that followed the VW episode, after the car manufacturing giant admitted to fitting devices to 11 million vehicles to make them cheat emissions tests.

Since then, French inspectors have raided the offices of both Renault, Peugeot and Citroen, while German authorities have called on Fiat Chrysler and General Motors to attend meetings.

As a consequence of the German investigations, 630,000 cars have been recalled, including VW, Mercedes-Benz and Opel owned cars.

However, it has now been suggested that ministers are set to let the industry ‘off the hook’ when they convene later in the week.

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