Q-Bot Secures £1.6M of Investment to Accelerate Growth

Q-Bot Secures £1.6M of Investment to Accelerate Growth

Q-Bot, the UK’s leading developer of robots for use in the construction and retrofit industry, has successfully closed a £1.6m investment round to fund the next stage of its growth, primarily from existing investors. The additional funds will allow Q-Bot to accelerate the rollout of its unique solution of remotely applying underfloor insulation across the UK and engage with growing overseas demand for Q-Bot’s solution. Deeptech VC specialist EMV Capital led the round, with participation of their parent company NetScientific PLC.

Using robotics and AI, Q-Bot develops innovative solutions that can survey, maintain, and upgrade existing buildings. Q-Bot created intelligent robots to apply underfloor insulation underneath suspended floors. This unique method improves the energy efficiency of properties and households’ comfort with minimal disruption to their daily life.

Q-Bot’s solution is critically important in helping UK and other nations’ households face the unprecedented rise of heating cost for this winter. Retrofitting a suspended floor has many benefits: it saves money on energy bills, improves daily comfort, reduces carbon footprint, and increases the value of a property. This also means a healthier and warmer home to live in, contributing to tackling fuel poverty and working towards net zero carbon.

With this funding, Q-Bot will continue its rapid growth to meet the increasing demand for its offering in the UK and overseas. As the UK’s de facto leader in construction and retrofit robotics, Q-Bot works with both social and private landlords, as well as homeowners, having now insulated more than 3,000 properties.

Q-Bot’s growth is through an expansion of its network of Accredited Installation Partners, industrialising robot manufacturing at scale. The company offers a ‘Robot as a Service’, a scalable model, to locally successful, high quality Accredited Installation Partners. There are tens of millions of homes worldwide that need Q-Bot’s underfloor insulation robots. Collaborative and creative partnering is crucial to delivery at scale.

Over the past two years, Q-Bot has successfully developed several partnerships in the UK, with additional partners going through training. Since October 2021, Q-Bot is working overseas, and has partnered with a large national insulation company and a local installer in France. This is a major achievement for the company, opening its service to even more properties in need of underfloor insulation that would be impossible otherwise to insulate and meet retrofit energy standards.

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