ViaCon Acquires Tubosider UK to Strengthen Market Leadership Position

ViaCon Acquires Tubosider UK to Strengthen Market Leadership Position

ViaCon has acquired UK company Tubosider, a leading manufacturer and supplier of corrugated steel solutions for stormwater management systems and solutions for bridges and culverts.  The acquisition builds ViaCon’s foothold in stormwater management in the UK market. It strengthens its market leadership position in Europe for corrugated-steel-based civil engineering solutions, providing an even stronger platform for delivering competitive, cutting-edge and sustainable products.

Tubosider UK is now trading under the name ViaCon.

The company will maintain Tubosider’s expertise and high standards, while Tubosider’s clients will receive the benefits of a wealth of experience across the ViaCon network in the UK and across Europe.

Stormwater solutions reduce the risk of flooding as a consequence of heavy rainfall. As such rainfalls become more frequent and more extreme due to the ongoing effect of climate change, these solutions are becoming increasingly essential to protect our infrastructure and keep people safe.

ViaCon’s unique solutions based on corrugated steel structures bring a better total cost for customers and are more sustainable as they use energy and resources more efficiently.

Anne Duckworth, Managing Director of ViaCon UK, said:

“Becoming a part of ViaCon offers a welcome and exciting future for Tubosider UK.  This will open up great prospects within our marketplace providing an opportunity to further develop our StormWater Solutions business within the UK civil engineering sector.  As part of this expanding entity, ViaCon creates unlimited goals for Tubosider UK who aim to become a more dominant player offering sustainable products for use within the expanding StormWater Solutions as well as Bridges & Culverts Solutions market.”

Stefan Nordström, CEO of ViaCon, said:

“I am very pleased about the acquisition and going forward we see very promising operational as well as commercial synergies.  It will further strengthen and build ViaCon’s StormWater Solutions business — a business we target to grow on the very promising UK market.  The acquisition also gives us a platform to grow our Bridges & Culverts Solutions business in the United Kingdom.”


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