A Decade of KWSP


KWSP is a high-performance engineering specialist working from a newly-built engineering and assembly facility at Silverstone Park on all manner of niche vehicle projects from motorsport to hypercars.

Kieron Salter, CEO at KWSP provides an overview of the first 10 years to PR Agency, Prova.

“KWSP launched in 2012 and one of its first projects was to develop an advanced automated digital deposition machine for medical applications.

“The six years at Reynard Park were filled with milestones and growth. We went from a team of two to over thirty employees and saw our turnover increase from £300k to over £3m. During this time, we delivered many firsts, including projects in medical and life sciences, battery manufacturing technology, thermoplastic chassis development, and innovative equipment for F1.

“In 2018, we moved to Bicester Heritage where we delivered further innovation in digital deposition for batteries and ceramics, increased our additive manufacturing capabilities, and created the Digital Manufacturing Centre (DMC).

“Finally, in 2021, we ‘spun-out’ the DMC in a bespoke 18,000 sqft facility at Silverstone Park and in July 2022, we also relocated KWSP to a 28,000 sqft facility alongside the DMC.”

During this period, KWSP have worked on five key projects:

  1. Industrial Inkjet machine platform enabled by an F1 inspired carbon fibre ‘monocoque’ structure
  2. Olympic-winning technology and equipment for Team GB
  3. Novel and innovative manufacturing of showcars for Formula 1
  4. The ideation, concept development and delivery of the Digital Manufacturing Centre (DMC)
  5. Creation of a skunk works for the design, engineering, and manufacturing of a (currently) secret high-performance automotive project from a major OEM

Kieron Salter on the next 10 years for KWSP:

“We now have a large enough facility to enable many of our ambitions. Simultaneously, we are involved in innovation and collaborative R&D projects, for example, we are developing ceramic manufacturing and battery manufacturing technologies. Primarily we are focussed on refining and expanding our capabilities to provide maximum benefit and outcomes for our OEM customers.”



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