Alphabet Data Share Deal Gives BMW/Mini Drivers a ‘WOW’ Factor

Alphabet Data Share Deal

Alphabet is urging more manufacturers to share vehicle maintenance-related data with leasing companies, following the successful launch of its Tele-services initiative with BMW UK earlier this year.

Since January, when Alphabet and its BMW parent began trialling data sharing, the leasing company has received more than 13,200 service maintenance repair (SMR) data alerts for its BMW- and Mini-maintained vehicles, enabling it to take a proactive approach, and use preferred repairers.

Data is provided by the manufacturer which enables us to capture the servicing that is required on those vehicles, to liaise with the customer and steer the customer down the channel that we see fit, be that to the BMW or Mini network for repair, be that to an independent network or be that to a fast fit, said Kit Wisdom, head of technical services at Alphabet, who was speaking at the International Auto Finance Network (IAFN) conference.

Wisdom said that in some cases Alphabet is aware of a maintenance issue, such as engine oil being due for replacement, before the company car driver sees a message in their vehicle.

Alphabet is also aware when the next service is due and when brakes are expected to be required based on usage of that vehicle, meaning it can contact the driver or fleet manager to get the vehicle booked in.

Customer feedback is very positive, Wisdom said. For us to say ‘we know your brake fluid needs to be changed’ or ‘we know that your brake pads in the front need to be changed, we can book that in for you next week’, it’s a ‘wow’ moment for the customer. It has been really powerful.

For fleet managers this proactive approach can help avoid neglected service warning lights or unexpected maintenance issues and help reduce downtime.

The latest phase of Teleservices has seen Alphabet representatives gain access to BMW service centres’ online service booking systems so they can view real-time workshop availability and book a service slot while the customer is on the phone.


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