British Team Working at Woodwards Truck and Van Center Managed to Achieve Third Place

British Team Working at Woodwards Truck and Van Center Managed to Achieve Third Place

The British team working at Woodwards Truck and Van Center in Wigan managed to achieve third place at the final of RTEC, which is Renault Truck’s international after sales challenge. The event took place in Lyon on the 17th May 2017, and first place was taken by Team Hannover.

This year’s Road to Excellence Championship is the second to be run by the vehicle manufacturer. The aftersales challenge final as part of the awards is a year long challenge that was participated in by 5,285 candidates working as part of 1,421 teams that originate from 49 different companies. To have so much competition the Wigan team did extremely well by coming third, as did the Dunstable team from Renault Trucks Chiltern, who came 9th overall.

As part of the challenge there were a number of national rounds to begin with before a number of teams were chosen to partake in the final. The Woodwards Truck and Van Centre in Wigan were selected to represent the UK, and to then be awarded third place is a massive achievement for the branch. As part of the final of the challenge, 24 different four man teams all had to get through six tests that each lasted 45 minutes. The teams had to complete complex repairs as part of the tests in a realistic environment. It is thought that these tests had been designed in order to test as well as develop a range of different skills in the teams in a range of different specialist fields including Hydraulics steering, diagnosing engine failure and oil analysis to name a few.

Experts for Renault were there in Lyon, the birthplace of the brand, in order to judge the finalists, with further credit given to teams for collaboration and teamwork. Being able to utilize the different strength of each team member was a vital step to succeeding through the final challenges. The Wigan team competed in the finals in 2015 and it is great for the business to be in the finals and finishing in the top three this year.

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