Car Manufacturer Vauxhall Announces Cheshire Job Cuts

Car Manufacturer Vauxhall Announces Cheshire Job Cuts

Vauxhall, the well-known car manufacturer has announced that they will be cutting jobs at their Ellesmere Port branch. The car manufacturer has reportedly made plans to cut around 400 jobs at the Ellesmere Port Vauxhall factory by the end of the year.

The automotive manufacturing company has been making one of their well-known model of cars, the Astra at this Cheshire factory since 1979. The company has said that they are currently experiencing a difficult market conditions that appear to be having an effect of the manufacturing rate of new vehicles. The declining passenger car market is thought to also be contributing to the job cuts.

It is thought that the company will carry out a voluntary separation programme that could involve as many as 400 employees as the market for passenger cars decreases and the demand for other vehicles such as SUVs is on the rise.

At the car manufacturer’s factory in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, it is thought that there are around 1,800 employees. The 400 job cuts will make a significant dent into the number of employees at the factory as they downsize operations. The Ellesmere Port site works to produce around 680 Vauxhall Astras every day, but as the demand for these types of vehicles is falling, this level of production may not be required. It is expected that the employees will be briefed today, with more information about the cuts expected soon.

Vauxhall has said that they are facing challenging conditions in the market as well as the falling demand for family cars. In order to alter their operations in light of these challenges, Vauxhall will be required to adjust their level of production at the Ellesmere Port factory to protect the long term future of the company as a whole.

This news has been released after the Ellesmere Port factory produced their four millionth Vauxhall Astra last month.

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