Caterham Reveals ‘Unplanned’ New Seven 310 Model

Caterham Reveals ‘Unplanned’ New Seven 310 Model

Caterham has revealed its new Seven 310 model, which is set to be a direct replacement for the old K Series R300.

The new model was brought about ‘by accident’ according to the car manufacturer’s engineers who say that the 310 is based mainly on the 270 design.

The engineers say that the new car is an ‘unplanned baby’ which came about after the company’s motorsport division decided to upgrade the 1.6 litre Ford engine that will allow racers to move up from Tracksport to the Supersport category.

The firm initially set out to make a number of adjustments to make the car more powerful, before offering it as an upgrade to existing owners.

However, when company bosses drove the new, improved vehicle, they said it reminded them of the old Rover-powered Superlight R300 and made the decision to launch it as a new model.

While the tweaks made were small in number, they do include new high performance camshafts, breather system, spark plugs and a new air filter, crowned with an ECU remap. As a result, the car has an extra 17hp which takes the total output of the 310 to 154bhp.

Not a lot has been altered in terms of the car’s exterior, though the 310 will be fitted with new LED lights as standard. These are also set to be rolled out as an option across the manufacturer’s range.

Caterham Cars’ Chief Motorsport and Technical Officer, Simon Lambert, commented: This car will be loved by Caterham enthusiasts but will also convert car fans in general who understand that creating a genuinely fun driving experience is not about simply adding more and more power; that often, less is more.

Deliveries are set to start early in 2017, with prices starting from £24,995 for a fully built Caterham Seven 310, while owners of the 270 can upgrade their engine for £1,495.

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