Collaboration has Been Announced Between Formula One Tire Supplier and a Premium Car Manufacture

Collaboration has Been Announced Between Formula One Tire Supplier and a Premium Car Manufacture

A collaboration has been announced between the Official Formula One tire supplier and a premium car manufacturer. Pirelli and INFINITI will be working together in order to develop INFINITI’s Project Black S. The announcement was first made by the two companies at the Canadian GP by Tommaso Volpe, who is the director of INFINITI Global Motorsport  and the Motorsport Director of Pirelli, Paul Hembery.

Project Black S was first revealed in March this year and it is thought that the project will see the development of a new performance grade for the car manufacturer. As part of the project, Pirelli will be working with INFINITI to design and construct bespoke tires for Project Black S. The tires that will be delivered by Pirelli will be completely exclusive to INFINITI’s project.

This cutting edge project that has been started by the car manufacturer is also exploring the ways in which a performance hybrid powertrain could lead to a massive improvement to the performance and dynamics of the INFINITI Q60. This idea to significantly improve the dynamics and performance of the INFINITI vehicle is being carried out with the collaboration of Renault Sport Formula One Team. This is a part of the Project Black S and the development of hybrid technology could be groundbreaking for the sector.

Working with the Renault Formula One team and the official tire supplier, Pirelli, means that there will be further improvements to the performance delivery of the end product of Project Black S. The team at INFINITI are looking into whether Project Black S is a feasible product therefore the knowledge brought to the project by Pirelli will help the car manufacturer will be vital going forward. With Formula One connections being involved in INFINITI’s project adds a wealth of knowledge and expertise which should hopefully lead to the project being successful as it develops.

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